Conjuration is a quarterly magazine of The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic edited by Simon Costin.

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 Please allow 14-21 days delivery, depending on your country.

                  ISSUE 2


Issue 2 Features:


5 objects: Contributions from museum staff, supporters and associates writing about their favourite things from the collection.


An examination of the late Ralph Harvey's Book of Shadows, salvaged from The Boscastle Floods of 2004, which forms part of the new display centred on contemporary witchcraft.


Bill Crisafi. Crisafi is a well known artist based in the USA whose work explores themes of magic, folklore and occultism. We are very excited to welcome Bill to issue two.


The Satyrs: An extraordinary story linking Glyndebourne  Opera, a 16th century Lovers' Manual, risqué murals hidden in The Vatican -and Witchcraft in West Sussex!


The MWM Mancypedia continued... If you ever wanted to know a bit about Cromniomancy, Lamapdomancy, or Spatalomancy - consult our handy guide...